Destination Warsaw

Whether you come to Warsaw on a business trip, for a science conference, or as a tourist, this city has everything that a modern European capital could offer. Dynamic commercial and office centre, friendly public transport (bike sharing system Veturilo and one ticket for the metro, trams, buses and trains within the city), vibrant cultural life – these are just some of the elements, which make Warsaw a perfect embodiment of changes that have taken place in Poland in the past 25 years. The city is an open home for active and creative people from all over the country. But it is hard to forget about history, especially that complex: almost total destruction of the city during WWII, post-war reconstruction and the years of communism. That is why today’s Warsaw is an intriguing mixture of past and present, where traces of former communities or monumental soc-realist buildings are neighbouring with new skyscrapers.
Wondering what to see in Warsaw? Begin your time travel with the unique Faras Gallery in the National Museum. Relax in the beautiful park from the Classical era, the Royal Łazienki Park. 1/4 of Warsaw area comprises of fields, parks, green squares and lush gardens. Discover the city of Fryderyk Chopin - one of the greatest composers and pianists of the 19th century. The world’s largest collection of Chopin memorabilia can be found in the Fryderyk Chopin Museum. Explore the multimedia-filled Warsaw Rising Museum and let the youngest Old Town in Europe (now on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List) charm you. Two Rembrandt’s paintings are part of the Lanckoroński Collection in the Royal Castle. Rest in the shadow of lively The Palace of Culture and Science, unless you want to enter its 30th floor to admire the Warsaw’s panorama. Or maybe try one of the summertime beach bars on the banks of the Vistula River where you can enjoy the coolness of summer evenings away from the city traffic. Discover Warsaw full of contrasts and create your own sightseeing path through this unobvious city!
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