Vaping Policy

GFN supports the rights of consumers and encourages their participation in the conference.
The law in Poland regarding vaping in public places has changed, as a result of their interpretation and implementation of the EU TPD, and in the light of this we have had to alter the vaping policy for the conference.
As a result of the new law vaping is not permitted in the public places. The conference venue is deemed to be a public place – this includes the corridors, exhibition area, media rooms and the rooms used for sessions – and thus vaping is not permitted. This is not the organisers’ decision, it is the policy of the management of the premises, compliant with Polish law.
We have negotiated with the hotel that one room can be designated a vaping room. This will be the Kometa Room, which is also the room set aside for use throughout the conference by INNCO. The room will also have a video relay of the conference proceedings from the main session room.
Adjacent to the floor where the conference is taking place there is a terrace, which is covered and easily accessible for those who wish to use it, where vaping is also permitted.
We ask that all participants note and observe the policy during the course of the conference.