Vaping Advocate of the Year 2015

 Jens MellinJens Mellin

Jens was born in Germany, in 1971 and is a married father of two. He left school in 1990 and spent the following 12 years as a seafarer. He then undertook professional training in nautical law and physical sciences and is now an instructor in post-graduate education, specialising in global distress and safety systems.

A vaper since 2011, after 25 years of smoking, Jens describes his experience:

‘I've been able to switch to e-cigarettes from one day to the next. I became aware that my body recovered massively within the space of a few weeks. I started to investigate available studies, which convinced me I had made the right decision. Simultaneously I became aware of horrible and often incomprehensible lies, half-truths and cherry picking in media coverage concerning e-cigarettes.

It was as result of this I started my blog "Zwischen und hinter den Zeilen der Tabak, Pharma und Gesundheitslobby" (between and behind the lines of the tobacco, pharma and health lobby) to highlight good and bad science around e-cigarettes.’


Bernd Mayer Professor Bernd Mayer

Bernd was born in Austria, in 1959 and is a married father of four. He graduated in Chemistry and Physics, in 1981 and received his PhD, from the University of Graz, in 1983.

He remained at the university, as a research assistant, until 1987, when he moved to the free University of Berlin, where he undertook post-doctoral research in the Department of Pharmacology.

Returning to the University of Graz in 1991, Bernd held a number of teaching and administrative positions and was appointed to his current post, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, in 1999.

Bernd has received numerous awards for his work and is a widely published author, with over 300 peer-reviewed publications. His research interests, which include cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism, lead him to take an interest in the science of nicotine. He has been a consistent critic of ‘bad science’ and has published a number of critiques of studies on his blog

As a contributor to Vapourtrails TV, Bernd has become well known to consumers of nicotine as a ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to the critical appraisal of the science.