GFN Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship 2018 – Online application form

The Scholarships are a K•A•C initiative funded by a grant from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW) . The programme was independently designed by and is run by  K•A•C . Successful scholars will enter into a scholarship agreement with  K•A•C.

Please ensure that you complete all the sections of the application form. Links to any additional information that you wish to be considered should be in the appropriate box.

Section 1

Details of the person/organisation making the application

Section 2

Please ensure that you provide:

  • a description of your proposed project
  • a brief summary of what you hope to achieve
  • a description of how you think the activities and learning might be relevant to reducing the harm caused by tobacco
  • contact details for a reference.

How do you think the learning from the activities might be used elsewhere in order to achieve the aims of the scholarship? (ie building research capacity in tobacco harm reduction, adding to the evidence base, or disseminating findings).

Please put links to, or include any additional information that you wish to be considered in the box below