Poster presentations may include video posters, and may be on any relevant topic related to science, policy, advocacy or practice.

Posters FAQ

  1. What is poster board size / what size should my poster be?

    Poster boards are vertical, maximum poster size is 950mm (width) x 1450mm (height), which is slightly larger than "A0+". Your poster must be able to fit within these dimensions. It is important that the title is clearly marked on the top and that the fonts and any charts/diagrams are large enough to be read by those viewing the work. You can see a visualisation of our poster boards here 

  2. How do I set up my poster at the venue?

    Your poster can be posted at any time on Thursday, 13th June, and no later than 9.00 on the 14th June. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference. An initial "meet the poster presenters" time - an occasion for the participants to chat with you - has been scheduled in the programme, on Friday, 14th June, during the lunch break. Our team will be available to assist you with setting up the poster – should you need any support, please contact us at the registration desk.

  3. I fly long-haul and I don't want to carry the poster with me. Can I have it printed locally?

    If you prefer not to bring a large poster from your home place, you can have your poster printed locally in Warsaw - a 24hr copy centre is located across the street from the venue, and they should be able to print your poster overnight, or you can contact them ahead of time (DRUKPoint, Emilii Plater St. 30; - website in Polish only; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – they can be contacted via email in English)

  4. What about online poster display?

    All posters will be posted on the conference website immediately after the event. Please send us a PDF version of your poster either in advance or provide it on arrival.

  5. How do I submit my poster?

    Submissions are closed now. Successful presenters have been notified via email.

Video Posters FAQ

  1. What is a video poster?

    Video poster is a presentation delivered using a FULL HD TV screen (1920x1080), in horizontal (standard) layout. Rules applying to standard poster presentations apply to video posters, only the medium of delivery is reacher, allowing the presenter to go beyond static graphics & text. Video posters may contain animations, video clips / short films, audio overlay. 

  2. May I use audio in my video poster?

    Yes. However, you must keep in mind that the audio track will be enabled only during coffee breaks and lunch breaks, and will be muted during regular session times. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to use subtitles (closed captions) to make the poster usable for viewers also during the quiet hours.

  3. What format should I use to deliver my video poster?

    Ideally, this should be a video file (MP4, AVI, MKV etc), which you should test on your own TV, and preferrably send us in advance so that we can confirm that your video works on our TV screens. You may also bring a looped PPTX or similar presentation format, however we do NOT have computers connected to the TV screens - so if you insist on using a non-standard form of presentation, you will need to bring your own presentation computer (preferrably a HDMI pendrive computer). Please consult with us in advance if you plan to use non-standard form of presentation.

  4. Is there a time limit for a video poster presentation?

    No. You may prepare a video loop of any length.

  5. What about the TV screens for presentation.

    We arrange these for you. Once your presentation has been approved for video poster presentation by the programme committe, all you need to do is to prepare and bring your presentation to the GFN conference. Preferrably, please send us your presentation a week in advance, and we will then have it installed and running on screen for you.

  6. How do I submit my video poster?

    Submissions are closed now. Successful presenters have been notified via email.

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  • £129
  • This fee applies to Polish delegates, living and/or working in Poland and to private individuals resident and working in middle and low-income countries (please see World Bank classifications for details). It also applies to consumers (eg vapers and snus users) who are not employed by, or representing manufacturers, vendors or trade associations, and to those who are unwaged, including students in full-time education.
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  • This fee applies to individuals who are employed in education and/or research in the public sector, public sector organisations and NGOs.
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  • This fee applies to those employed in, or representing small and medium enterprises (those with 20 or less employees and/or a turnover of less than £1m) producing or trading in nicotine products, providing services to them, or trade associations.
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  • £660
  • This fee applies to those who are employed by, or represent healthcare companies and those producing or trading in nicotine products, as well as to private consultancies and research companies.
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A late supplement of £50 will be added to all fees paid after Saturday 8th June 2019

Registration fees are payable in GB Pounds Sterling and payment methods are indicated on the registration system.

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