GFN 2019 poster presentations

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9:00 - 17:00
GFN: Poster session - all posters and video posters to be presented on 14 and 15 June
Meet the poster presenters during lunch breaks on Friday (14 June) and Saturday (15 June)
Adebisi, Yusuff Adebayo (1,3); Vory, SoPanha (2)
1: University of Ibadan, Nigeria; 2: University of Puthisasthra, Cambodia; 3: Global Health Focus Africa
Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi
Knowledge, attitude and perception of medical students in Cambodia toward the no smoking in public places policy
Barampatis, Nikolaos (1); Lagoumintzis, George (1); Mesiakaris, Konstantinos (1); Atsopardi, Korina (1); Farsalinos, Konstantinos (1); Poulas, Konstantinos (1,2)
1: Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece; 2: NOSMOKE.TEAM, Institute for Research and Innovation, Patras Science Park, Patras, Greece
Korina Atsopardi
Comparative health study among smokers, vapers and former smokers in Achaia region, Greece
Befrits, Atakan Erik (1); Phillips, Carl V. (2); Burstyn, Igor (3)
1: Independent advocate; 2: Independent Associate Professor; 3: Drexel University Associate Professor
Atakan Erik Befrits
Dramatic rise in casual vaping on top of snus use in Swedish youth generated low regular vaping levels and coincided with 50%-66% drops in smoking 2014-2018
Berg, Helene
Norwegian Union of Vapers, Norway
Helene Berg
Survey on vaping and smoking cessation
Bębenek, Patryk; Gawron, Michał; Sobczak, Andrzej
Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach, Poland
Patryk Bębenek
Dual-users among adolescents in Poland. Prevalence of use of electronic cigarettes and classic cigarettes among youth in technical colleges and high schools
De, Aniket
Asia Public History Foundation, United States of America
Aniket De
United States of America
Smoky horizons: tobacco and the legacies of empire in Asia
Djurdjevic, Smilja; Baker, Gizelle; Weitkunat, Rolf; Martin, Florian
Phillip Morris International, Switzerland
Smilja Djurdjevic
Population health impact model web application
Evans, Blair (1); Heraldez, Daniel (1); Salapatek, Anne Marie (2)
1: JUUL Labs, Inc., San Francisco, USA; 2: Inflamax, Ontario, Canada
Blair Evans
United States of America
An open-label clinical trial to evaluate selected constituents in the exhaled breath and room air after the use of ENDS products and conventional cigarettes under conditions of residential, office and hospitality environments
Felber Medlin, Loyse; Tran, Cam Tuan; Ng, Wee Teck; Lama, Nicola; Taranu, Brindusa; Pierri, Elena; Picavet, Patrick; Baker, Gizelle; Haziza, Christelle
Philip Morris Products SA, Switzerland
Loyse Felber Medlin
A multicenter, multiregional study on biological and functional changes in healthy adult smokers during one year of continuous smoking abstinence
Gaca, Marianna Danuta; Lowe, Frazer; Minet, Emmanuel; Thorne, David; Breheny, Damien
British American Tobacco, United Kingdom
Marianna Danuta Gaca
United Kingdom
Application of next generation in vitro approaches for the assessment of e-cigarettes
Galil, Arise G. de Siqueira (1); Andrade, Barbara Any B. Bottaro (1); Gusmão, Mariana Muniz (1); Mello, Marcella Melquiades (1); Gomes, Arthur da Silva (1); Araujo, Luane Rabello (1); Santos, Paula Britto R. (1,2); Bastos, Marcus Gomes (1,2); Banhato, Eliane Ferreira Carvalho (1)
1: Public University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil; 2: IMEPEN Foundation, Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Arise G. de Siqueira Galil
Brief and late smoking cessation between smokers with multi-morbidities
Goldenson, Nicholas I.; Prakash, Shivaani; Vose, Joshua G.; Augustson, Erik M.
JUUL Labs, Inc. United States of America
Nicholas I. Goldenson
United States of America
Flavored JUUL use and smoking cessation among adult smokers
Harding, Jessica; Jakes, Sarah; Cullip, Martin; Evans, Bernice; MacKintosh, David; Molloy, Kevin; Ross, Louise; Costall, Paddy; Stimson, Gerry
New Nicotine Alliance, United Kingdom
Jessica Harding
United Kingdom
Raising awareness about switching to vaping: the New Nicotine Alliance and the VApril campaign
Hasan, Khan Mehedi (1,2); Nazmul, Parama (3)
1: Lingnan University, Hong Kong; 2: Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh; 3: Khulna District Bar Council, Khulna, Bangladesh
Khan Mehedi Hasan
Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)
Farmers’ responses to tobacco companies’ strategies in tobacco cultivation: a study in Kushtia district of Bangladesh
Haswell, Linsey; Cheung, Emma; Jaunky, Tomasz; Santopietro, Simone; Baxter, Andrew; Thorne, David; Minet, Emmanuel; Breheny, Damien; Gaca, Marianna
British American Tobacco, United Kingdom
Linsey Haswell
United Kingdom
Reversibility of in vitro biological effects in cigarette smoke-exposed 3D lung tissues following switching to an e-cigarette
Evans, Blair (1); Heraldez, Daniel (1); Botts, David (2); Rose, Jed (2)
1: JUUL Labs, Inc., San Francisco, USA; 2: Rose Research Center, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Daniel Heraldez
United States of America
Characterizing puff topography after switching for 15 Days from combusted cigarettes to the nicotine salt pod system
Hunter, Abby (1); Cooper, Sue (1); Ussher, Michael (2); Ross, Louise (3); Morrison, Andy (4); Agrawal, Sanjay (5); Hill, Chris (1); Jobarteh, Jane (6); Adams, Lisa (7); Stimson, Carrie (8); Lewis, Julian (8); Glover, Carmen (8); Gronlund, Toto (9)
1: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; 2: St George's, University of London, United Kingdom; 3: Stop Smoking Service, Leicester City Council, United Kingdom; 4: New Nicotine Alliance, United Kingdom; 5: University Hospitals of Leicester, United Kingdom; 6: Public Health England, East Midlands, United Kingdom; 7: University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom; 8: Patient representative, Nottingham, United Kingdom; 9: James Lind Alliance, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Abby Hunter
BIO United Kingdom
Identifying research priorities for electronic cigarettes: A James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership
Jones, Joshua; Slayford, Sandra; Gray, Adam; Brick, Kathyrn; Prasad, Krishna; Proctor, Christopher
British American Tobacco, United Kingdom
Joshua Jones
United Kingdom
A cross-category puffing topography, mouth level exposure and consumption study among Italian users of tobacco and nicotine products
Kosmider, Leon (1,2); Gholap, Vinit (1); Halquist, Matthew (1)
1: Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics, Richmond, VA, United States.; 2: Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics and Center for the Study of Tobacco Products, Richmond, VA, United StateS
Leon Kosmider
United States of America
Characterization of free base nicotine yield from eliquids
Kubota, Terushige; Minami, Naoki; Kimura, Yuki; Kakehi, Aoi
Japan tobacco Inc., JT Bldg., 2-2-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8422, JAPAN
Terushige Kubota
Patterns of use behaviors in Japanese novel tobacco vapor product users
Langer, Peter; Prieto, Luis; Rousseau, Carine; Formey, Aurelie; Skiada, Dimitra; Afolalu, Esther; Sponsiello, Zheng; Fischer, Karina; Baker, Gizelle; Weitkunat, Rolf
Philip Morris International, Switzerland
Peter Langer
Prevalence and patterns of tobacco product use after the launch of a heat-not-burn alternative in Japan: results of a repeated cross-sectional survey
McGaughey, Trevor
Philip Morris International, Switzerland
Trevor McGaughey
Understanding general population attitudes toward harm reduction and smoke-free products: analysis and findings from a multi-country opinion research study
McGrady Jr, Michael D
Independent Researcher, Columnist for various publications, United States of America
Michael D McGrady Jr
United States of America
Understanding the impact of culture, policy, and the economy on harm reduction in model countries by terming a formal theory on measuring the friendliness of governments
Mitchell, Heneage Johnathon
factasia, Hong Kong
Heneage Johnathon Mitchell
Funding advocacy: when is my enemy my friend?
Ndlovu, Charles Chawezi
Central Region Milk Producers Association
Charles Chawezi Ndlovu
Challenges to making tobacco production history in Malawi and how the Central Region Milk Producers Association promotes tobacco harm reduction
Notley, Caitlin
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Caitlin Notley
BIO United Kingdom
An evaluation of smokefree policy implementation for a UK NHS Mental Health Trust
Notley, Caitlin (1); West, Robert (2); Hastings, Janna (3); Cox, Sharon (4)
1: University of East Anglia, United Kingdom; 2: University College London; 3: Cambridge University; 4: London South Bank University
Caitlin Notley
BIO United Kingdom
Developing an e-cigarette ontology
O'Connell, Grant; Walele, Tanvir; Cahours, Xavier; Thompson, Joseph; Verron, Thomas
Imperial Brands, United Kingdom
Grant O'Connell
United Kingdom
Perceptions of the relative harm of electronic cigarettes compared with smoking in the USA: analysis of the population assessment of tobacco and health study data, (PATH), 2013-2016
Prasad, Krishna; Lowe, Frazer; Jones, Joshua; Slayford, Sandra; Proctor, Christopher
British American Tobacco, United Kingdom
Krishna Prasad
United Kingdom
Development of bridging guidelines to aid risk assessment of next-generation tobacco and nicotine product variants
Ramström, Lars
Institute for Tobacco Studies, Sweden
Lars Ramström
Differences between causes of death with respect to proportion attributable to tobacco: gender- and region-specific patterns.
Roux, Sebastien (1); Dautzenberg, Bertrand (2); Megel, Nicole (3); Cinquin, Jacques (4)
1: CRIVAPE, France; 2: AP-HP Pitié Salpêtrière, France; 3: GAIATREND, France; 4: VDLV, France
Sebastien Roux
Lessons from an inter-laboratory study to determinate the best method measurement of nicotine delivery and other compounds from electronic cigarette emissions
Roux, Sebastien; Fetter, Marie
Sebastien Roux
Characterization of e-liquids used in electronic cigarette and aerosols produced
Roux, Sebastien; Fetter, Marie; Leonard, Simon; Michel, Stephanie
Sebastien Roux
Nicotine delivery: performance and stability of aerosols of various e-cigarettes
Russell, Christopher (1); McKeganey, Neil (1); Fleury, Christopher (2); McPetrie, Linda (2)
1: Centre for Substance Use Research, United Kingdom; 2: IPSOS
Christopher Russell
United Kingdom
Prevalence of awareness and use of JUUL e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes in a national probability sample of US adolescents aged 13-17 years
Russell, Christopher; McKeganey, Neil; Haseen, Farhana; Hamilton-Barclay, Tiffany
Centre for Substance Use Research, United Kingdom
Christopher Russell
United Kingdom
US adolescents' interest in using e-cigarettes in flavors marketed and not marketed by JUUL
Schmidt, Norbert Zillatron; Hallermann, Marc
Interessengemeinschaft E-Dampfen e.V. (IG-ED), Germany
Video Poster
Norbert Zillatron Schmidt
Gateway matrix remodelled - introducing the Total Harm Risk Metric
Sherwood, Neil
Neil Sherwood Consulting, Switzerland
Neil Sherwood
Advancing the commercial and public health goals of potentially reduced-risk products through the assessment of consumer satisfaction
Shiffman, Saul (1); Sembower, Mark (2)
1: Pinney Associates, United States of America; 2: University of Pittsburgh
Saul Shiffman
BIO United States of America
Comparisons of dependence on e-cigarettes and cigarettes: data from three waves of the U.S. population assessment of tobacco and health study
Stöver, Heino Johann; Jamin, Daniela
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany