"Pioneering with compassion: Focusing technology to reduce tobacco‐related disease and harm globally"
Marewa Glover, Massey University, New Zealand

Dr Marewa Glover will deliver the 2016 memorial oration. In it she will discuss Michael Russell’s legacy and how his ideas have influenced the development of new technologies and products that are available for use in tobacco harm reduction. In particular she will focus on the relevance and implementation of tobacco harm reduction for disadvantaged populations globally.

Marewa GloverAfter 15 years focused on research, Associate Professor Marewa Glover is now at Massey University's School of Public Health. Her primary focus for teaching and research is tobacco control, particularly reducing tobacco smoking while pregnant and reducing Māori smoking. She is a co-investigator on a number of innovative cessation projects and a longitudinal online survey of New Zealand vapers. Dr Glover is Chair of End Smoking NZ, and an Associate Member of the New Nicotine Alliance UK and the New Nicotine Alliance Australia. She is a leading proponent in New Zealand for a just and honest response to the growth in vaping and the vaping community. The import and sale or distribution of nicotine eliquid is banned in NZ. To assist low income and internet deprived smokers who want to vape instead of smoking, Marewa set up Vape It Forward on Twitter. @vapeitfwd allows overseas people to donate and send starter kits and nicotine eliquid direct to smokers in NZ.