PDF versions of the posters presented at GFN 2015, 5-6 June, in Warsaw

Book of poster abstracts (PDF) - see here.

Boley, John


Harm reduction in Asian markets: e-cigarettes and the law


Almulla, Ahmad; Elhajj, Maguy; Kheir, Nadir; Al badriyeh, Daoud; Al Kaddour, Ahmad; Mahfoud, Ziyad; Fanous, Nadia


Assessing the effectiveness of a pharmacist-delivered smoking cessation program in the State of Qatar: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial


Collins, Andrew M.; Stotesbury, Stephen J.


Effects of e-vapour products on tobacco smoking consumption rates


Dartsch, Peter C.; Mrva, Thomas A.; Morski, Adrian; Olzowy, Bernhard


Effect of cigarette smoke and e-liquid vapour on ciliary beat frequency of freshly isolated human nasal epithelial cells


Frandsen, Mai; Thorpe, Mona; Ferguson, Stuart G.


Promoting long-term smoking cessation in pregnancy and postpartum: What part do partners play?


Fraser, Doug; Douglas, Heather; Hall, Wayne; Gartner, Coral


Wheels within wheels: nicotine regulation reform in Australia


Gawron, Michal; Kosmider, Leon; Goniewicz, Maciej


Decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked after switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes


Gilchrist, Moira; Goujon, Catherine; Maeder, Serge


Indoor air chemistry (IAC): comparative study between conventional cigarettes and heat-not-burn technology


Gilchrist, Moira; Haziza, Christelle; de La Bourdonnaye, Guillaume; Picavet, Patrick; Baker, Gizelle; Ancerewicz, Jacek; Skiada, Dimitra; Jarus-Dziedzic, Katarzyna; Luedicke, Frank


Reduced exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents after five days of use of a tobacco heating system 2.2 (Poland): a comparison with continued combustible cigarette use or smoking abstinence


Delijewski, Marcin; Beberok, Artur; Otręba, Michał; Wrześniok, Dorota; Rok, Jakub; Buszman, Ewa


The impact of nicotine and UV radiation on viability and the melanization process in HEMn-LP melanocytes.


Hyslop, Richard; Knight, Katie


A legal challenge to Article 20 (on electronic cigarettes) of the European Union Tobacco Products Directive


Kosmider, Leon; Bebenek, Patryk; Gawron, Michal; Sobczak, Andrzej


Assessment of the topography of the use of electronic cigarettes


Madej, Daria; Kosmider, Leon; Knysak, Jakub; Goniewicz, Maciej; Sobczak, Andrzej


Determination of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde generated from the electronic nicotine delivery system


Mrva, Thomas Alexander; Okle, Oliver; Dartsch, Peter C.


Acute and long-term cytotoxicity of cigarette smoke and e-liquid vapour on cultured human lung cells


Price, Laura


The impact of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) on e-liquid and its packaging


Cunningham, Anthony; Clayford, S; Vas, C; Costigan, Sandra


Development & validation of a device to measure e-cigarette users’ puffing topography


Ramström, Lars Martin


Incidence of tobacco-related cancer among Swedish men in birth cohorts with different levels of snus and cigarette consumption


Ritter, Lou


American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) - Standards delineated


Ritter, Lou


E-Research Foundation - an overview of the foundation’s structure, team and functions


Stotesbury, Stephen J; Intorp, Michael; Mendler, Wolfgang; Pienemann, Thomas; Wieczorek, Roman


Investigating the claims for heated tobacco and e-vapour products: implications for regulation


Vocci , Frank; Torrington, Mat; McCarty, John


A Novel Nicotine Sublingual Tablet which Mimics Cigarette Smoking Nicotine Pharmacokinetics


Waters, Gareth; Martin, Stuart; Davis, Pete; Sommarström, Johan; Costigan, Sandra


The effect of vaping and device design parameters on flavour ingredients


Welhusen, Philipp; Okle, Oliver; Dartsch, Peter C.


Effects of cigarette smoke and e-liquid vapour on mass cultures of human lung cells: Continuous monitoring by time-lapse videographyContinuous monitoring by time-lapse videography