And the 2017 winner is..

All conference participants, who completed the on-line feedback form after the 2016 event, took part in a draw of free place for the GFN 2017. A lucky winner of the draw for this year is Thomas, a chemist and the Head of R&D of CNT GmbH from Germany. Thomas kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions about himself, and his professional interests. 

GFN: Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your area of work?

Thomas: I am the Head of R&D of CNT GmbH in Germany, a chemist  and trained flavorist from profession. CNT is the world’s largest supplier of Nicotine and Nicotine compounds. Together with CNT’s UK based Joint Venture Nerudia, where I am a member of the Board of Directors, we are the leading company regarding supply of Nicotine, the development of new Nicotine containing products as well as in the field of legal consultancy, lab services and production around Nicotine.

GFN: What made you decide to attend GFN 2016?

Thomas: Naturally, the GFN is a forum for us to see new developments and talk to the experts in harm reduction. New technologies require a discussion about their consequences in society in my view. This year I am very curious as well about the ISoNTech, which happens on Thursday. Last not least, Warsaw is a marvellous city to be in!

GFN: Thank you for taking time to chat with us, and we're looking forward to seeing you at GFN 2017 and ISoNTech in Warsaw!

On June 17 we will open a feedback form for this year's GFN conference, and from among those who provide us with a feedback, we will draw a new winner who will get a free pass for the 2018 GFN.

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