Understanding Vaping: engaging disadvantaged groups

This free to attend dialogue, hosted by the London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum, will take place from 1400-1700, on Tuesday 31st October, in the Marketing Suite, the Guildhall, Basinghall Street, City of London, Refreshments will be available from 1400 and also at the end of the event, to enable some informal discussion and networking.

Members of the panel will include:

Helen Redmond is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is an expert in addiction and works with drug users and people with a psychiatric diagnosis. Helen provides consultation and training in tobacco harm reduction. Her goal is to help the most marginalized smokers transition to e-cigarettes. She is an independent journalist and has written about drug policy, drug treatment and the American criminal justice system for Al Jazeera, Alternet, Harpers and The Influence. Helen is a filmmaker and she made a short documentary about people with serious mental health problems and smoking. Her documentary,Ezra Dowery: Life on Broadway, was an official selection of the NYC Mental Health Film Festival, 2016.
D.Mackintosh photo
David MacKintosh is currently the Head of Community Safety for the City of London, he has also been the Policy Adviser/Director to the London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum (LDAPF) since 2001. The LDAPF works to support policy delivery and promote good practice across the drugs, alcohol and community safety agendas. It has been involved in running a number of innovative campaigns around issues including drug driving, substance misuse in the workplace and improving awareness around drug safety in clubs and pubs. The LDAPF is funded by the City of London as part of its commitment to improving the life of all those who live and work in London. For the last seven years he has also been seconded to the Greater London Authority to provide advice around substance use issues and health inequalities. Prior to this post David worked for the United Kingdom Anti-Drug Co-ordination Unit (part of the Cabinet Office) for two years, primarily on young people and treatment policy issues. This followed on from some 8 years in the Department for Education and Skills where he worked in a number of areas including international relations and higher education policy. He is trustee of an East London based service provider and Adfam (families, drugs and alcohol).
Louise Ross
Louise Ross is the leader of the Leicester City Stop Smoking Service. Louise finished a very happy and long working life in learning disabilities to work in tobacco control and smoking cessation, and has been delighted to discover a second career that has been even more satisfying than the first. Initially sceptical about ecigs, she has become a vocal advocate for their use as a harm reduction method, principally because she has listened to people who have used them to stop smoking, and has been utterly convinced by their sincerity. Louise is an associate of the New Nicotine Alliance UK, a charity committed to improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products.

The panel will look at restrictions on vaping for people already experiencing disadvantage, such as those detained in secure environments, those who have experienced trauma, are homeless, or from other marginalised groups. In all these instances smoking rates and the associated health risks are manifestly higher than in the general population.

Some questions the panel will address are:

  • Who are we taking about?
  • What function does smoking perform for different groups?
  • What are the impediments to switching to safer forms of nicotine use for disadvantaged people?
  • What role can professionals play in changing behaviour?

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