Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for the inaugural Vaping Advocate of the Year Award. Thanks also to the judging panel for their work in selecting the winners.

The award is made in two categories:

  • a consumer advocate with no prior background of advocacy or experience in the field of public health; and
  • an advocate for e-cigarettes, who may or may not be a vaper, who has promoted the cause of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction strategy using their background in science, health, advocacy or academia.

The GFN organisers are delighted to announce that the winner in the first category is Jens Mellin, a consumer advocate and blogger, from Germany. In the second category the winner is Professor Bernd Mayer, from the University of Graz, in Austria. Our congratulations go to both recipients. Read more…

The awards have been presented at the pre-conference vape meet and party on Thursday 4th June.