Authors: Tokle, Rikke; Lund, Karl


  1. Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway

Keywords: vaping subcultures, Norway

Background: Use of e-cigarettes is increasing. In order to understand the development and diffusion of vaping we need to know more about motives and the context of use. Moreover, little is known about the heterogeneity of vapers, and to what degree one may find vaping subcultures. Aims: To explore the culture of use of e-cigarettes and in particular, to investigate varieties in vaper identities and vapers involvement in vaping subcultures. Methods: Qualitative, semistructured personal interviews with 29 vapers in Norway. Strategically recruited from different contexts, such as vaping forums, vape shops, nightlife settings and extended network to explore the culture of use of e-cigarettes. Recruitment criteria was experience with use of ecigarettes. Sample descriptions: N=29. 12 female, 17 male. Age ranged between 19-52. Mean age was 35. Out 29 interviewees, 28 was former smokers and 28 vaped more or less frequently at the time of the interview. They represented a heterogeneous group in in regard to socio economic status. Results & conclusions: Vaping subcultures exist in Norway. However, the degree of involvement in these subcultures varied. As such, they have a potential to both integrate and exclude new users of e-cigarettes.