PDF versions of the posters presented at GFN 2016 in Warsaw

Book of poster abstracts (PDF) - see here.

Beacher, Felix


Study to Quantitatively Assess THS Potential Messages (THS-PBA-03-US)


Boll, Yin ; Haziza, Christelle ; Lama, Nicola ; Donelli, Andrea ; Picavet, Patrick ; Baker, Gizelle ; Ancerewicz, Jacek ; Benzimra, Muriel ; Franzon, Michael ; Endo, Masahiro ; Luedicke, Frank


Reduced exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents after 90 days of use of tobacco heating system 2.2 menthol in Japan: a comparison with continued cigarette use or smoking abstinence


Boll, Yin ; Haziza, Christelle ; de La Bourdonnaye, Guillaume ; Picavet, Patrick ; Baker, Gizelle ; Skiada, Dimitra ; Merlet, Sarah ; Franzon, Michael ; Farmer, Frank ; Lewis, William ; Luedicke, Frank


Reduced exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents after 90 days of use of tobacco heating system 2.2 menthol in the U.S.: a comparison with continued cigarette use or smoking abstinence


Courtney, Ryan James ; Clare, Philip ; Martire, Kristy ; Bonevski, Billie ; Borland, Ron ; Doran, Chris ; Hall, Wayne ; Farrell, Michael ; Siahpush, Mohammad ; West, Robert ; Boland, Veronica ; Iredale, Jaimi ; Mattick, Richard


Accuracy of self-reported smoking abstinence in a randomized clinical trial targetting low-socieconomic status smokers.


Courtney, Ryan James ; Clare, Philip ; Veronica, Boland ; Martire, Kristy ; Bonevski, Billie ; Hall, Wayne ; Siahpush, Mohammad ; Borland, Ron ; Doran, Chris ; West, Robert ; Farrell, Michael ; Mattick, Richard


Predictors of retention in a randomised trial of smoking cessation in low-socioeconomic status Australian smokers


Dartsch, Peter C. ; Okle, Oliver ; Mrva, Thomas Alexander


Acute human lung cell toxicity of some selected flavouring chemicals after simulation of vaping


Doig, Mira Victoria; Feyerabend, Colin


Overview of research studies supported with LC-MS/MS assays


Gawron, Michal ; Bebenek, Patryk ; Madej, Daria ; Sobczak, Andrzej; Goniewicz, Maciej


Differences in use of electronic and tobacco cigarettes between dual and exclusive smokers among adolescents in Poland


Gaca, M.; Breheny, D.; Crooks, I; Lowe, F; Minet, E; Thorne, D; Proctor, C


The in vitro assessment of an e-cigarette (Vype ePen) using a suite of pre-clinical tools


Gilchrist, Moira ; Baker, Gizelle ; Sponsiello-Wang, Zheng ; Lee, Peter N. ; Fry, John ; Lüdicke, Frank ; Weitkunat, Rolf


Establishing a valid model to estimate the impact of introducing a reduced risk product on the population as a whole


Gilchrist, Moira; Goujon, Catherine; Mitova, Maya; Mottier, Nicolas; Rouget, Emmanuel; Tharin, Manuel; Maeder, Serge


Indoor air chemistry: an exploratory study on e-cigarettes shows no negative impact on indoor air quality


Holliday, Richard; McColl, Elaine ; Ryan, Vicky ; Sniehotta, Falko ; Bauld, Linda ; Jakubovics, Nick ; Preshaw, Philip


Electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation or harm reduction tool in patients with periodontitis: study protocol for a mixed methods feasibility study.


Ivanovic, Boris; Bliss, Dan; Jones, Ian William


Comparison of Member State transpositions of TPDII Article 20


Jones, Ian William


Towards a bespoke regulatory framework for electronic cigarettes


Kimber, Catherine Franciane ; Kosmider, Leon ; Kurek, Jolanta ; Corcoran, Olivia ; Dawkins, Lynne


Liquid chromatographic analysis of carbonyl compounds in aerosols from high and low nicotine e-cigarette liquids mirroring realistic puffing topography


Kleykamp, Bethea {Annie}


What about the Older Smoker?


Kosmider, Leon; Madej, Daria ; Knysak, Jakub ; Koszowski, Bartosz ; Pickworth, Wallace ; Gawron, Michał ; Kurek, Jolanta; Sobczak, Andrzej


Carbonyl compounds levels in mainstream smoke of cigarillos differ for ISO and human smoking


Lalo, Helene; Soulet, Sébastien; Pairaud, Charly


Evolution and study of the temperature in the resistance of electronic cigarettes


Lund, Ingeborg; Kvaavik, E.; Hansen, B.T.


Female snus use and health correlates


M. Fearon, Ian ; Eldridge, Alison ; Gale, Nathan ; J. Shepperd, Christopher ; McEwan, Mike ; M. Camacho, Oscar ; Mavropoulou, Eleni ; Nides, Mitch ; McAdam, Kevin ; Proctor, Chris


Nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes: data and learnings from clinical pharmacokinetic studies


Mann, Rhydian Owen; Harding, Jessica; Gill, Peter; Bryan, Liam


A journey of a vaping political party from conception to GFN


Margham, J.; McAdam, K G.; Wright, C; Mariner, D; Forster, M; Murphy, J; Liu, C; Proctor, C


Toxicants in e-cigarette aerosols – a quantitative survey and comparison with cigarette smoke


Moisidou, Anastasia ; Farsalinos, Konstantinos; Voudris, Vassilis ; Barbouni, Anastasia


Concepts and beliefs about smoking, nicotine and electronic cigarettes among healthcare professionals in Greece


Mrva, Thomas ; Poirier, Ophelie ; Dartsch, Peter C.


Acute toxicity of a flavoured e-liquid according to TPD 2 is related to e-cigarette vaporiser resistance and electrical power


O'Connell, Grant ; Graff, Donald W. ; Robinson, Edward ; D’Ruiz, Carl D.


Reduction in harmful or potentially harmful constituents following partial or complete substitution of cigarettes with electronic cigarettes


Prasauskas, Tadas ; Martuzevicius, Dainius ; Setyan, Ari; O’Connell, Grant ; Cahours, Xavier ; Colard, Stephane


Factors governing the dispersion of exhaled particles during vaping of an e-cigarette


Russell, Christopher ; Gale, Nathan ; Ashley, Madeleine ; McEwan, Michael ; Prasad, Krishna


Development of a novel survey instrument to assess predictors of intentions to initiate e-cigarette use


Russell, Christopher; McKeganey, Neil


Electronic cigarettes: an effective means for de-normalising smoking?


Stachowiak, Aleksandra; Heinrich, Przemysław; Lipowicz, Justyna


Comparison of e-liquids on the Polish market and analysis of nicotine levels and tobacco alkaloids


Tschierske, Nicole ; O’Connell, Grant ; Colard, Stéphane ; Biel, Stefan S.


The European tobacco product directive and e-cigarette compliance: a test method for drop testing of e-liquid bottles


Vas, C.; Waters, G.; Costigan, S.; McAdam, K.


Acetoin is a precursor to diacetyl in e-cigarette liquids


Verron, Thomas ; Cahours, Xavier ; Cerson, Liz ; O'Connell, Grant ; Colard, Stephane


E-cigarette: assessment of the so-called “gateway effect” based on product classification


Waters, G.; Vas, C.; Costigan, S.; McAdam, K.


Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl stability in e-liquids


Zhu, Yushu


E-cigarette Aerosol Investigation: Release pattern of nicotine and other collected matters in E-cigarette generated aerosol based on different smoking regimes


Zhu, Yushu


The effect of organic acids on e-liquid: Nicotine stability and relief of irritative taste