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Professor Gerry Stimson
Professor Gerry Stimson
Programme Director of the Global Forum on Nicotine chair
Gerry Stimson is Director of Knowledge-Action-Change, holds an Emeritus Chair at Imperial College and is Visiting Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has advised the UK Government, World Health Organization, UNAIDS, UNODC, World Bank and others on issues relating to drugs and addiction. He was a member of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence working group that recently prepared guidelines on tobacco harm reduction.
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos
Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Athens
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is a cardiologist, working as researcher at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens-Greece and at Medical Imaging Research Center, University Hospital Gathuisberg in Leuven-Belgium. His main research interests are new modalities in cardiovascular imaging and he has received a scholarship from the Greek Society of Cardiology for research and education in this field. He has studied the effects of smoking on subclinical cardiac dysfunction using new imaging techniques since 2010.
Ruth Tennant
Ruth Tennant
Leicester City Council
Ruth is Director of Public Health at Leicester City Council and has worked in a range of roles in local government and the NHS.
Alan Law
Alan Law
Vaper and Vaping Advocate
Alan is a Leicestershire resident of 20 years, who works in the healthcare sector, has all his own hair and teeth. A vaper for 4 years, who is an active local advocate. A keen sailor, he owns more boats than cats.
Louise Ross
Louise Ross
Stop Smoking Service Manager
Louise Ross is the leader of the Leicester City Stop Smoking Service. Louise finished a very happy and long working life in learning disabilities to work in tobacco control and smoking cessation, and has been delighted to discover a second career that has been even more satisfying than the first. Initially sceptical about ecigs, she has become a vocal advocate for their use as a harm reduction method, principally because she has listened to people who have used them to stop smoking, and has been utterly convinced by their sincerity. Louise is an associate of the New Nicotine Alliance UK, a charity committed to improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products.

hosted by Leicester City Council Stop Smoking Services

The Clubhouse Suite

Leicester Tigers Stadium

Aylestone Road Location map

Leicester LE2 7TR Stadium plan

• Car parking available in the Crumbie Car Park.

• Stewards will direct participants from the Clubhouse Reception