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Dr Karl Fagerström

World authority on nicotine dependence and smoking cessation 
Director of the Smokers’ Information Centre, Sweden.

 [BIO - PDF]


Deborah  Arnott

Leading UK advocate on smoking cessation
Chief Executive, Action on Smoking and Health

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Chair: Prof Gerry Stimson
Respondent: Dr Delon Human, Health Diplomats, Switzerland

On 31st May 2012, the London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum hosted the first GFN Dialogue on new ways of using nicotine, the health implications of new nicotine products, implications for changes in the tobacco industry.

Given the interest in tobacco harm reduction in the UK, the development of new nicotine products and the potential for the UK to lead in shaping new approaches to reducing the smoking of tobacco, this event provided an opportunity to explore and debate tobacco and nicotine futures.

It was held on World Health Organization No-Smoking Day.

Over 100 people participated including those involved in advocacy for tobacco control, those working in smoking cessation clinics, public heath planners, people working in addiction services, from government departments and in product regulation, from tobacco and nicotine companies, academic researchers, people in local authorities and primary care trusts, and people working for NGOs and charities.

Deborah Arnott’s presentation is summarised in the Guardian:[...]/end-smoking-no-tobacco-day

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