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These guidelines have been prepared based on experience gained to date from previous events. They are intended to assist local hosts working with Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) to ensure quality and effective delivery of the dialogues in each location. Some details may be subject to minor adjustment, to allow for specific local requirements, but the overall structure will remain the same.

 What is GFN?

GFN is the only international conference to focus on the role of safer nicotine products that offer an alternative for people to switch from smoking. Safer nicotine products include e-cigarettes, oral tobaccos such as Swedish snus, and ‘heat-not-burn’ tobacco products. This is a rapidly evolving area with many new non-combustible products emerging. The annual conference examines the rapidly developing science in relation to nicotine and its use, including policy and regulatory responses.

The organisers of GFN are Knowledge●Action●Change.

 Why the GFN Dialogues?

Interest in the debates surrounding the rapidly changing nicotine landscape continues to grow and the organisers of GFN are seeking to use this established brand to reach out and engage with a wider audience, ensuring the topics remain live and fresh, rather than hold only a single annual event.

 What are GFN Dialogues?

These are short, focussed events designed to enable interactive discussion and debate. They involve public health professionals, academics and scientists, policy makers, consumers, owners and managers of premises and members of the public, tackling a range of issues surrounding the increasing use of safer nicotine products (including e-cigarettes) as an alternative to smoking.

During each dialogue a panel of speakers representing different perspectives each make short presentations, addressing a topic relating to nicotine use. A moderated Q&A and discussion session involving the audience follows the presentations.

The dialogues are filmed with the proceedings posted on the GFN Dialogues Archive Website, creating an archive providing accurate information to those who might be interested in the subject, as well as assisting those charged with making policy in having a cross-section of views to draw upon.

 How are the GFN Dialogues produced?

In each location the GFN team work with a local host to produce the dialogue. Such hosts include stop smoking services, nicotine consumer groups, drug policy organisations and academic bodies, although other types of organisation maybe relevant in some locations.

The GFN team and the local host share the work involved according to an agreed framework, based on the tasks described in this document. Once this is agreed the event will be badged as a ‘GFN Dialogue, in association with…’


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