Conference Summary 

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The conference

The third Global Forum on Nicotine took place in Warsaw, Poland, on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June 2016. The formal programme was preceded on Thursday 16th June by the European premiere showing of ‘A Billion Lives’, a major American produced documentary, which highlights the opportunities presented by e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products and technology to reduce the devastating loss of human life, as a result of continued smoking this century. Some 250 guests, including conference participants and media, attended the premiere and the social event held afterwards, which provided a valuable opportunity for networking prior to the opening of the conference itself.
Overall the conference saw 320 people attend – an increase of 28% on the previous year.

The conference once again accepted no sponsorship, or other financial support from industry, relying on participant registration fees to cover costs.

The programme

The scientific understanding of new nicotine delivery systems and other lower risk alternatives to smoking has been accompanied by rapid changes in nicotine science, public understanding and the policy and regulatory landscape. This is not always for the good. Bad science is often poorly interpreted and presented uncritically in the media. There is public misunderstanding of the relative safety of lower risk products. Regulations, policies and positions are taken, seemingly often despite evidence. Positions on nicotine and its uses are polarised.
With this in mind, the conference theme for this year was ‘Evidence, Accountability, Transparency’ and programme focussed on accountability of those involved in science, policy and regulatory development, and transparency of institutional and personal position.

In addition there were 35 poster presentations, including some video installations, covering developments in the science and technology of nicotine and delivery systems, as well as policy and practice.

Who came along?

Of the 320 people participating, sixty-seven per cent were male and thirtythree per cent female.

Were did they come from?

Participants this year came from 51 different countries, an increase of 21% on the previous year. The largest group continues to be from Western Europe, but we also saw increased numbers from Eastern Europe and Eurasia, along with some interest from Central and South America.

The Global State of E-cigarettes 2016 Report

ECigIntelligence produced an insert for the conference brochure - an update on the global state of nicotine. The report received a lot of positive feedback, and an update (Global State of Nicotine 2017) will again be a part of the conference brochure for GFN 2017. Download the PDF report here.

What next?

Dates for the fourth Global Forum on Nicotine have been set. The extended conference will take place on Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th June 2017, again at the Marriott Hotel, in Warsaw.

The conference will maintain a differential pricing policy for participants and ensure that consumers, advocates, accademics, public health professionals and those who represent NGOs will continue to benefit from reduced fees.

Download a report (*.pdf)

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