Christopher Russell B.A., M.Res, Ph.D.

The recipient of the 2015 Global Forum on Nicotine Young Investigator Award is Dr Christopher Russell, a psychologist working at the Centre for Drug Misuse Research, Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr Russell has developed a significant number of studies in the area of nicotine science over the last two years including research on users’ early experiences of e-cigarettes and perceived health risks and benefits, modelling the effect of e-cigarettes on the health of smoking and non-smoking sub-populations, modelling the chronology of smoking and vaping initiation and quitting, systematic reviews of the health effects of co-occurring tobacco and cannabis smoking, and research assessing the evidence for the effectiveness of plain tobacco packaging in Australia. Dr Russell has also developed a ‘Nicotine Science Toolbox’, an online ‘library’ that provides researchers with guided access to a wide range of survey and questionnaire instruments for measuring cognitive and behavioural constructs known to influence individuals’ decisions to start, stop and restart smoking and vaping. As part of his doctoral research, Dr Russell compared the relative efficacy of behavioural interventions for smoking cessation – Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – delivered to small groups of motivated-to-quit smokers over three, consecutive weekly, two-hour sessions. He also assessed mediation of long-term smoking outcomes by the theoretically-distinct putative mechanisms of action underlying each intervention. He has published research on theories of addiction, interpretations of scientific evidence supporting the disease and choice models of tobacco addiction, issues regarding free will and responsibility for behaviour, and research on public education and misinformation on the nature of volitional and compulsive tobacco use.