Friday 17th June 2016
1000 - 1300 (tea and coffee breaks to be included)

Satellite #1 - Science and Policy Updates
Chair - Martin Jarvis (University College London, England)

Fifteeen minute slots (including Q&A) selected by the programme committee from abstracts submitted

The power of non-nicotine factors in the habitual use of nicotine products.  Dr Brian Carter (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, USA)
Note: two videos embedded in the above presentation might not play from within a browser. To watch them, download the PDF and open it directly in Adobe Reader

Compensatory puffing behaviours in e-cigarette users: blood nicotine delivery and subjective effects.  Dr Lynne Dawkins (London South Bank University, UK)
Tobacco Heating System (THS) 2.2, a candidate modified risk tobacco product: cardiovascular disease risk assessment. Dr Moira Gilchrist (PMI Science, Switzerland) 
E-cigarettes for patients with poor mental health: a journey.  Louise Ross (Leicester City Council Stop Smoking Service, UK)
Electronic Cigarettes: Gateway or Roadblock to Cigarette Smoking? Neil McKeganey (Centre for Substance Use Research, UK)
Research on electronic cigarettes in Poland. Professor Andrzej Sobczak (Medical University of Silesia, Poland)
Characterisation of the dynamic properties of exhaled aerosol particles following use of electronic and conventional cigarettes. Professor Dainius Martuzevicius (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)
Perceptual and experiential factors explaining how 4,235 individuals initiated and established e-cigarette use in place of cigarette smoking.  Dr Christopher Russell (Centre for Substance Use Research, UK)
Prices and e-cigarette demand in the European Union: evidence and tax policy implications. Michal Stoklosa (American Cancer Society, USA)
Satellite #2 Regulatory Developments
Chair: Peter Beckett (UK)


  1. Joe Gitchell (Pinney Associates) - An overview of deeming
  2. Patricia Kovacevic (Nicopure Labs LLC) - Substantial equivalence, PMTA, and the meaning of the alphabet soup.
  3. Cecilia Kindstrand-Isaksson (Swedish Match, representative TBC) - Applying for modified risk status.
  4. Stefanie Miller (Height Securities) - what implications for the market?

Debate (10.55 - 11.25)

BREAK (11.25 - 11.35)


  1. Remi Parola (FIVAPE) - setting standards and their relevance to TPD
  2. Tom Pruen (ECITA) - the future of e-liquid quality standards
  3. Riccardo Polosa (University of Catania) - measuring emissions as part of a regulatory regime
  4. Sud Patwardhan (Nicoventures) - tying standards together with recognised nomenclature.
  1. First responder - Taman Powell (Xolo Vape, University of Cardiff)
  2. Second responder - Marcus Navin-Jones (Keller Heckman)

Debate (12.25 - 12.55)

Chairman's closing remarks

Satellite #3 Consumer Advocates Meeting

The session provides an opportunity for consumer advocates to discuss a proposal to form a new international organisation to promote and support the rights of nicotine consumers. A discussion paper has been circulated and is also available on-line at
The discussion will also be informed by the implications and impacts of the implementation of laws, directives and regulation of products in different jurisdictions, as well as how we might engage with the on-going activities of FCTC, including the COP 7, scheduled to take place in India, in November this year.

1300 - 1430  LUNCH
1430 - 1530

Opening Session

Welcome from the Conference Chair:  Professor Dave Sweanor (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Presentation of the Young Investigator of the Year Award 2016 by  Dr Christopher Russell, recipient in 2015

The Michael Russell Memorial Oration 2016  - Pioneering with compassion: Focusing technology to reduce tobacco-related disease & harm globally. - Marewa Glover (Massey University, New Zealand)

Response to the Oration

  • Amelia Howard, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Donna Darvill, New Nicotine Alliance, Australia
1530 - 1645 Plenary #1 - Evidence updates - making sense of the science
Chair - Professor Dave Sweanor (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Safety and toxicology of e-cigarettesDr Konstantinos Farsalinos  (Onassis Cardiology Centre, Greece)

Asking the right questions about smoking and alternative nicotine delivery systems.  Professor Linda Bauld  (University of Stirling, UK)

Population impact of e-cigarettes: recent evidence from the UK. Ann McNeill (King's College London, UK)
Population impacts of snus – tobacco initiation and cessation.  Professor Karl Lund (Institute of Public Health, Norway)
1645 - 1800    Networking Reception - drinks and canapés 
Saturday 18th June 2016
0930 - 1100

Plenary #2 - Evidence, Accountability, Transparency: regulating the regulators
Chair - Annie Kleykamp (Pinney Associates, USA)

Disharmony in the Implementation of The European Tobacco Products Directive.  Barnaby Page (ECigIntelligence, UK)
Unaccountable and Non-transparent: Is the FCTC a threat to public health?  Julian Morris (Reason Foundation, USA)
 'Not Blowing Smoke' - the fight against misleading messages.  Stefan Didak  (SFATA, USA)
What would good regulation look like?.  Clive Bates  (Counterfactual Consulting, UK)
1100 - 1115        TEA & COFFEE BREAK
1115 - 1245

Parallel #1 - Evidence, Accountability, Transparency - whose science counts? - a panel discussion
Chair - Sarah Jakes (New Nicotine Alliance, UK)

Professor Scott Leischow (Mayo Clinic, Tobacco Regulatory Science Journal, USA)
Professor Jean-Francois Etter (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Professor Neil McKeganey  (Centre for Substance Use Research, UK)
Dr Chris Proctor  (BAT Science, UK)
Parallel #2 - Evidence, Accountability, Transparency in practice: country situations
Chair - Lorien Jollye (New Nicotine Alliance, UK)
The e-cigarette environment in Australia. Barriers to and prospects for harm reduction. Dr Colin Mendelsoh (The Sydney Clinic, Australia) 
Developing a united front for consumers to public health authorities in Asia-Pacific - challenges and opportunitiesJohn Boley  (FactAsia, Hong Kong)
Nicotinists, smokers, and gateway puzzles: evidence from representative national surveys in Poland - 2014-2016Jerzy Jurczyński (eSmoking Association, Poland)
Who took harm reduction out of the FCTC? A Swedish perspective on snus. Atakan Befrits (Turkey/Sweden)
1245 - 1330 LUNCH
1330 - 1430 Evidence, Accountability and Transparency - any other business?
A Q&A session with a panel (conference participants can post questions in advance)
 Chair:   Jeannie Cameron (JCIC International, UK )
Peter Beckett (UK)
Gillian Golden (Irish Vape Vendors Association, Ireland)
Judith Wolters (New Nicotine Alliance, Australia)
Amy Faith Ho (Emergency physician and writer, USA)
1430 - 1445 TEA & COFFEE BREAK
1445 - 1615 Plenary #3 - Transparency  
Chair - Professor Dave Sweanor (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Doctors for healthy drug policies: lessons from drugs harm reduction and drug policy reform. Chris Ford (International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies, UK)
Are vaping advocates throwing smokers under the bus by making alliances with public health?  Luc Van Daele  (EVUN, Belgium)
E-cigarettes health potential: Current evidence and future areas of explorationProfessor Riccardo Polosa (University of Catania, Italy)
1615 - 1630 Closing remarks from the Conference Chair