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Bartoń, Aleksandra; Cholewiński, Mateusz; Adamczyk, Roman; Czogała, Jan; Zielińska-Danch, Wioleta # 108
Water pipe passive smokers’ exposure to nicotine

Bębenek, Patryk; Knysak, Jakub; Gawron, Michał Mateusz; Madej, Daria; Kośmider, Leon # 116
Electronic cigarettes - analysis of health warnings on packets

Cabot, R (1); Yurteri, C.Ü. (1); McAughey, J. (1); McAdam, Kevin Gerard (2) # 120
Droplet size measurement of e-cigarette aerosols

Cholewiński, Mateusz; Adamczyk, Roman; Bartoń, Aleksandra; Czogała, Jan; Zielińska-Danch, Wioleta # 106
The impact of water pipe smoking on transitory changes in arterial stiffness

Cholewiński, Mateusz; Adamczyk, Roman; Bartoń, Aleksandra; Czogała, Jan; Zielińska-Danch, Wioleta # 101
Changes in hemodynamics and carboxyhemoglobin blood levels after use of electronic nicotine delivery systems among regular cigarette smokers

Clayton, P.M. (1); Vas, C.A. (1); McAdam, Kevin Gerard (2) # 121
Use of chiroptical spectroscopy to determine the ionisation status of (S)-nicotine in electronic cigarette formulations

Colard, Stephane (1,2); Verron, Thomas (2); Cahours, Xavier (2); O'Connell, Grant (1); Pritchard, John Dafydd (1) # 104
Bystander exposure to exhaled eVapour: assessment of nicotine in the ambient air using modelling and experimental approaches

Costigan, Sandra (1); Margham, Jennifer (2); Martin, Stuart (2) # 105
Risk assessing thermal breakdown and reaction products for E-cigarette flavours

Davis, Pete (1); Ashmore, Laura (1); Martin, Stuart (1); Wright, Christopher (1); Harang, Marie (2); McAdam, Kevin Gerard (2) # 119
Influence of machine-based puffing parameters on aerosol yields from e-cigarettes

Delijewski, Marcin; Beberok, Artur; Otręba, Michał; Wrześniok, Dorota; Rok, Jakub; Buszman, Ewa # 102
Effect of nicotine on antioxidant status in HEMn-LP melanocytes

Farsalinos KE, Kistler KA, Gillman G, Stefopoulos C, Spyrou A, Voudris V # 122
Evaluation of electronic cigarette liquids and vapour for the presence of selected inhalation toxins

Farsalinos KE, Spyrou A, Stefopoulos C, Tsimopoulou K, Voudris V. # 123
Nicotine absorption from electronic cigarette use: comparison between experienced consumers (vapers) and naïve users (smokers)

Gawron, Michał Mateusz; Knysak, Jakub; Madej, Daria; Kośmider, Leon # 114
Nicotine concentration in liquids and cartridges for electronic cigarettes available on the polish markets

Gawron, Michal; Knysak, Jakub; Madej, Daria; Kośmider, Leon # 112
Comparison of the general condition and respiratory system function in smokers and nonsmokers based on spirometry

Hua, Jian; Zeng, Zhiping # 110
Feellife’s Research Survey on Nicotine

Knysak, Jakub; Kosmider, Leon; Otreba, Michal; Buszman, Ewa # 111
Preliminary research on the viability of human lung alveolar epithelial cells a549 exposed to electronic cigarette vapor extract and electronic cigarettes liquids

Kosmider, Leon; Delijewski, Marcin; Madej, Daria; Knysak, Jakub # 115
Metabolism of nicotine among Caucasian smokers

Kvaavik, Elisabeth; Lund, Marianne # 109
Quitting methods among former and current smokers - a study among callers to a smoking quit line and users of a smoking cessation web page

Maeder, Serge; Vanscheeuwijck, Patrick; Picavet, Patrick; Gilchrist, Moira; Mayrand-Chung, Shawnmarie # 117
Non-Combustible Alternatives: Assessing Potentially Reduced-Risk Products – Toxicological and Clinical Exposure Studies

Picavet, Patrick; Mayrand-Chung, Shawnmarie; Gilchrist, Moira # 118
Assessing the Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profiles of Non-Combustible Potentially Reduced Risk Products

Stotesbury, Stephen John (1); Verron, Thomas (2); Hunter, Henrietta (1) # 103
Tobacco Regulation, smoking prevalence and the implications for E-Vapour Products

Szołtysek-Boldys, Izabela; Madej, Daria; Kosmider, Leon; Knysak, Jakub; Gawron, Michał # 113