Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland, 27-28 June 2014

The first Global Forum on Nicotine took place in Warsaw, Poland, in June 2014. The event attracted around 200 people from 26 countries. The discussions were shaped by presentations from the world’s leading nicotine researchers and policy analysts.

compo-hp1The context for the conference is that the science and understanding of nicotine is rapidly changing. The arrival of new nicotine delivery systems, along with other lower risk alternatives to smoking, has forced rapid changes in nicotine science, public understanding, and the regulatory landscape. This has implications for many sectors including consumers, researchers, regulators, public health, tobacco control, policy analysts, and industry. The conference was designed to facilitate discussion across sectors.

Over the two days participants took part in a programme that comprised lectures, debates and discussions, workshops, poster presentations, and a live programme broadcast on the web, produced by Vapourtrails TV ( A number of sessions were conducted in Polish. The event provided ample opportunities for networking and informal discussion for those attending. The conference attracted a lot of media interest, with reportage and comment in Polish national and international media and also on social media.

Among the many highlights of the conference were:

  • The Michael Russell Oration, delivered by Prof Peter Hajek, on Nicotine Science and Public Health
  • An overview of the scientific evidence on nicotine safety
  • The first international meeting of consumer advocates – vapers and snus users
  • Overviews of the uptake of e-cigarettes and snus
  • The first international meeting on e-cigarette standards
  • Update on the place of nicotine products in tobacco harm reduction
  • New insights into nicotine addiction and health effects
  • Discussions on regulatory landscapes in the context of the European Union, the US FDA proposals, and the World Health Organization Framework Convention on tobacco control
  • How to engage stakeholders
  • Insights into the new science agenda for nicotine

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