“Nicotine: science, ethics and human rights”

The seventh edition of the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) will once again be held at the Marriott Centrum Hotel, in Warsaw, from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th June 2020.

GFN is the only international conference to focus on the role of safer nicotine products that help people switch from smoking. The rapid development and use of safer nicotine products raises a number of challenging scientific questions about their safety, who uses them and why, and the impact on smoking. These products also raise issues for governments who seek to understand what kind of policy and regulation is appropriate.

The conference examines the rapidly developing science in relation to nicotine and its use, including policy and regulatory responses. The theme for GFN 2020 is ‘Nicotine: science, ethics and human rightsand will examine how attitudes towards the use of nicotine are changing and at some of its more positive and potentially beneficial uses.

As in previous editions of the GFN, we welcome academics, researchers, politicians and policy makers, from all sides of the debate, along with nicotine consumers and advocates, to present in plenary and parallel sessions, debates and through posters, on topics linked to the theme of the conference. A list of suggested topics has been posted on the conference website, to assist prospective presenters in submitting abstracts.

The unique inclusive nature of the GFN continues to provide a platform for exchange and debate of often-contentious issues. This is made possible by the commitment of all who attend it to do so with an open mind and to examine the evidence in making decisions and judgements. This is the basis of our claim that GFN is ‘the only place where science and policy meet’.

In addition to the formal programme we will have the second GFN Film Festival, curated by Aaron Biebert, and the conference will begin with the 2020 Michael Russell Memorial Oration and Michael Russell Award. Alongside the programme there will also be a number of social and networking events, open to all participants, where old acquaintances might be renewed and new ones made.

We anticipate 700+ participants for GFN 2020, so booking your place early will ensure you can be part of it. You can also find the archives for previous editions (presentations, videos and other documents) at https://gfn.net.co/conference-archives

The Conference Team looks forward to welcoming you to Warsaw in June 2020!

7th Global Forum on Nicotine

11-13 JUNE 2020 - Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland


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