Judy Gibson is the CEO of The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations. INNCO is a Civil Society organisation currently representing 32 consumer advocate organisations in 27 countries in five continents (soon to be six!). Its aim is to reduce the harm posed by combustible and toxic oral forms of tobacco by advocating for the global adoption of tobacco harm reduction - the public have a right to be given honest information and to choose legally accessible, affordable, alternative safer forms of nicotine.

Her diverse career includes; WRAF Aircraft Mechanic/ Recruit Instructor, CID Officer, Packaging Sales Director, Artiste management, Theatre PR & Marketing Manager, Film Programmer and UK Samaritans trainer. Suffering early iterations of e-liquid vapourisers since 2012, she became an ex-smoker in 2015. She is quite oldish, passionate about politics, reading, Sibelius, THR and red wine – in reverse order.