Oscar M. Camacho is the scientific data and statistics manager at British American Tobacco (BAT). A trained Statistician and Bioinformatician with a Masters in biometrics and a Masters in applied bioinformatics with a background in teaching and the financial sector, he joined BAT’s research and development function in 2010 as a technical specialist in statistics. In his current role, he leads a team providing R&D with support in statistics, data management, bioinformatics, and mathematical modelling. A key area of his work is contributing to the reduced-risk substantiation work streams ensuring appropriate study design, sound data analysis techniques, and reporting are applied throughout studies’ life cycles. Working with experts in the field of system dynamics, he has developed and published the findings from a population model assessing the potential effects on mortality from launching e-cigarettes in the U.K. After model validation activities with snus data in Sweden and cross-validation with other models, he has been working on further model applications, such as a model implementation, to study the potential effects from launching new nicotine products in the U.S. market.