Dr Bethea (Annie) Kleykamp is a Scientist at the health-care consulting firm, PinneyAssociates. PinneyAssociates provides consulting services on smoking cessation and tobacco harm minimization (including nicotine replacement therapy and electronic vapor products) to Niconovum USA, Inc., R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, and RAI Services Company, all subsidiaries of Reynolds American Inc. RAI was acquired by British American Tobacco (BAT) in July 2017.

She earned her PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University and completed postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Intramural Program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Her research focused on the cognitive effects of a variety of psychoactive drugs (e.g., nicotine, alcohol, methadone). Prior to joining PinneyAssociates in 2014, she worked at the health technology assessment company, Hayes, Inc., where she wrote systematic reviews that informed healthcare decisions for government, health insurance, and healthcare provider clients. Currently her responsibilities at PinneyAssociates include conducting literature reviews, interpreting and synthesizing data, and applying her writing skills across a variety of content areas (e.g., tobacco harm minimization, prescription to over-the-counter switch, risk management).