Frances Thirlway is a Research Fellow at the University of York working on health, class and culture; her interest in e-cigarettes is mainly in relation to their potential to address health inequalities by increasing smoking cessation in populations with high smoking prevalence. Frances is Principal Investigator on a project funded by Cancer Research UK entitled ‘Electronic cigarettes, health inequalities and smoking cessation: a community study of take-up and market evolution in two high smoking prevalence areas of the North of England’. The project runs from April 2017 to March 2019 and involves fieldwork in County Durham and North Manchester with smokers, quitters and electronic cigarette users as well as e-cigarette vendors. Frances is bilingual in French and hopes to extend her research to the ex-mining areas of Northern France. She attended Vapexpo 2017 in Paris and has carried out pilot research with e-cigarette users and vendors in the towns of Douai and Valenciennes.