#GFN18 Film Festival Programme

The organisers are delighted to announce that GFN 2018 will include the first GFN Film Festival, which will be organised in association with Attention Era Media, the makers of ‘A Billion Lives’.

Aaron Biebert, the Director of A Billion Lives, will curate the festival. Aaron says:

"Reversing propaganda and fear tactics will take more than a single movie. It will take a community of educators, leaders, and influencers who are educated and excited. A film festival focused on tobacco harm reduction will make a huge impact by inspiring filmmakers to take up the cause and help get the truth in front of the public. I am delighted to be leading this effort and believe that together we can make a difference."

Session 1: Discovering “The Missing Link”
[Friday, 15 June: 11:30 - 13:00]

“Global Confusion” (8 minutes) - Directed by Aaron Biebert

“Smoking Culture in Greece, South Africa, & India” (8 minutes)* - Directed by Aaron Biebert

“Life in Smoke - Una Vita in Fumo” (8 minutes) - Directed by Gianluca Fratellini (Italy)

“Missing Link in the United Kingdom & Japan” (5 mins)* - Directed by Aaron Biebert

“The Switch” (6 minutes) - Produced by NCSCT (UK)

-- Short Break --

“Introduction to Vaping for Smokers” (14 minutes) - Produced by NCSCT (UK)

“E-cigarette Safety: The Facts Explained” (14 minutes) - Produced by NCSCT (UK)

“Top Tips for Safer Vaping” (6 minutes) - Produced by NCSCT (UK)

* Denotes World Premiere

Session 2: The Battle for Truth  
[Friday, 15 June: 14:00 - 15:30]

“The Vaping (Not) Dead” (8 minutes)* - Directed by Dominique Aubert (France)

“Stupid Sheep in Pasadena” (3 minutes) - Produced by the American Vaping Association (USA)

“Give Us a Chance” (4 minutes)* - Directed by Asa Saligupta (Thailand)

“The Nicotine Wars: Vaping and Mental Illness” (8 minutes)* - Directed by Natisha Sands (Australia)

“Vaping Saves Lives: Desperate to Determined” (5 minutes) - Directed by Clayton Moneymaker (USA)

“Knowing My Granddaughter” (2 minutes) - Produced by the American Vaping Association (USA)

“A Visit to Israel & Malawi” (5 minutes)* - Directed by Aaron Biebert

-- Short Break --

“Persecuted” (16 minutes) - Directed by Robert Bernarius (Hungary)

“Clouds” (6 minutes)* - Directed by Cai Tinsley (UK)

“Passive Vaping: A Guide for Parrots” (5 minutes) - Produced by NCSCT (UK)

“A Hopeful Future” (3 minutes)* - Directed by Aaron Biebert (France)

“A Plan for Our People” (3 minutes)* - Directed by Aaron Biebert (New Zealand)

* Denotes World Premiere