The main programme – Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June

The programme will examine the rapidly developing science in relation to nicotine use and the changing landscape, including policy responses and the influence of different stakeholders in this.

The programme will comprise plenary sessions, symposia, panel discussions and poster presentations – including video posters. 

Pre-conference events – Thursday 15th June

On Thursday 15th June there will be satellite and side meetings, including one for consumers, organised by the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO). In the evening participants are invited to attend the fourth Michael Russell Memorial Oration and this will be followed by a social event. More details will be posted in the near future.

Alongside GFN this year is the first International Symposium on Nicotine Technology (ISoNTech). Organisers have extended an invitation to all participants at GFN to attend. More details can be found at the ISoNTech website:

Programme Committees

Gerry Stimson, England - Chair of programme committees


Linda Bauld, Scotland - Chair

  • Ann McNeill, England
  • Konstantinos Farsalinos, Greece
  • Chris Bullen, New Zealand
  • Ryan Kennedy, USA
  • Jacques Le Houezec, France
  • Lynne Dawkins, England

Polish Host Committee

  • Andrzej Sobczak, Poland
  • Mirek Dworniczak, Poland

Policy and Advocacy

Gerry Stimson, England - Chair

  • Mirek Dworniczak, Poland
  • Colin Mendelsohn, Australia
  • Joe Gitchell, USA
  • Julie Woessner, USA

Consumer advocacy

  • Judy Gibson, UK